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Swatting, Spanking, and Flogging: What’s the Difference?

by Admin on February 8, 2014

Pretty much every dude we know has expressed at least a little interest in spanking. He might not want to do it (or have it done to him), but he does know its part of the “50 Shades of Grey” thing and women are getting all turned on by it. That means he has questions. Usually, these have at least a little to do with differences between swatting, spanking, and flogging and a little more about each of those. We’ve gone ahead and put together a guideline you can refer to; hopefully, you found this before you found certain sex sites that claim to be the best and are mostly in German. Swatting, spanking, and flogging are all kinds of impact play, which is exactly what it sounds like, but beyond that, the details vary.



“Just a playful smack on the ass”

Swatting is part of what’s known as “vanilla kink.” This also includes fuzzy handcuffs. Vanilla kink is technically kinky, but just barely so; it’s mainstream. Swatting is just a quick, not very hard smack on the ass. A lot of couples do this playfully, while they’re passing each other in the kitchen, for instance. Plenty of you have participated in this particular variety of kink while thinking it’s just a good way to get your hand on her ass. If you’re interested in spanking, swatting is a good way to start small. Think of it as spanking for beginners. You can get a lot of control behind how hard you swat, and that can carry over to spanking if you decide to step things up a notch, so to speak. It can be arousing and sexy, it can help you find your comfort with kink, and, best of all, and the ass is a well-padded site that can take the swats just fine even if you don’t want to move up. In case, you are single and want to experience this desire of swatting, you can opt for adult sex finder dating sites. Check this list of the top sex finder websites and choose the best fling dating sites to find a suitable partner. Let her know about your desires beforehand or things could get really awkward when you are dating.



“More of a punishing kind of gesture”

Spanking is swatting taken to the next level. It’s more dedicated; there are almost always more than one or two hits involved, and they’re usually harder than swats tend to be. It’s a lot more intense for that reason: there’s more discomfort or pain involved. It’s usually a good idea for spanks to be moved around, rather than centered in one place, since that can build up pain pretty fast and potentially even cause bruising. Even though the ass is a well-padded site, it can take damage; damage is not the best result from spanking, and it’s not exactly sexy, either, though at least it’s easy to find and avoid while it recovers—the skin will be visibly bruised. There are people who go for damage, though, in the form of mild bruising. We’re not sure how those people sit at work the next day, but that’s none of our business. We’ll keep imagining the awkward conversations about how they can’t sit comfortably, though.


“Spanking using a prop”

Spanking can also be done either by hand or using a paddle. By hand, it’s easier to judge when the person being spanked is near their limit, especially when you’re novices; the spanker’s hand starts hurting enough that they need to stop. If you get into spanking and decide you want to try using an implement, that’s where paddles come in. There’s a huge variety of paddles, from Ping-Pong ones to huge wooden things. It’s best to start small here. A Ping-Pong paddle will sting a lot, but it doesn’t have nearly as much potential to do harm as a solid slab of wood. Unfortunately, you can’t be sure if the person being spanked will like one kind of paddle based on if they like another; they might hate the way a Ping-Pong paddle stings, but they end up loving the thud of a quarter-inch thick piece of maple board. Your best option here is a site with a flexible return policy; you can also find sex stores that will let you try out a paddle (over clothes, of course), which is a good thing to take advantage of if you have the opportunity.

You can also use things like wooden spoons and spatulas as paddles. They’re everyday objects being, well, perverted to a sexual, specifically kinky, use. You might end up buying two of every good kitchen stirring or flipping implement if these do it for you.

If you use a wooden paddle (including wooden spoon), check it every so often for splits, cracks, and splinters. You do not want to drive a splinter into your lady’s ass (or have one driven into yours), or so we assume, and imagine the level of bad if half the paddle kept going when it impacted while the other half only went partway against the person’s ass before it broke off and dropped. For one thing, you’d have a sharp edge and splinters to worry about.


Flogging is not to be tried on a whim if you don’t know what you’re doing. Flogging can do actual damage; it can break the skin. If you decide you want to try flogging, look for a demonstration in your area. If there won’t be one, look up videos (there are even some on YouTube; you don’t have to resort to porn sites), watch them carefully, and then practice on pillows.

The thing with floggers is the tails can wrap around and cut into the skin. They can also break the skin if they have beads tied into the tails. It takes skill aiming one and using the right amount of pressure.

Okay, we’ll back it up.


“A tool for advanced kinky couples”

A flog is a short-handled whip with many tails that are about eighteen inches to two feet long. They can be made of a variety of things from rubber to kangaroo leather to rabbit fur to feathers. Fur and feather floggers are for sensation play—something soft and light hitting the recipient or being dragged over their body. They’re not used in impact play. Leather, suede, and rubber floggers are all for impact play. Rubber ones sting a lot, like getting hit with a rubber band. Leather and suede also sting, but more heavily. The leather can be from a variety of animals, or it might even be vegan leather. Rubber floggers are unlikely to do damage even if they do wrap; the tails are fully round, and rubber. Leather and suede, on the other hand, can both wrap around hips or shoulders and cut into the areas of thin flesh over bone; they can even cut into not-so-thin flesh if the tails are moving fast enough.

A flogger might have beads added to increase the impact. These beads can be plastic or metal, and you could probably get custom-made leather with glass beads, but we wouldn’t recommend it. The beads can easily leave bruises; if they’re not fully sanded down or have any edges at all, they can break skin.

A flogger may be used on the ass, thighs, or upper back and shoulder area. It should never be used in the mid-back area. One word: kidneys. Yeah, that’s what we thought, tough guy. Be nice to your kidneys. They’re letting you drink enough that you can bring up kinky ideas to try out without being broken up with.

Power Check: Who Rules When It Comes to Sex In Your Relationship?

by Admin on December 1, 2013

“Women rule”

“Women rule”

When it comes to sex in a relationship, whether it is a casual or short term or a long term relation, it is generally the woman who takes control. This comes as to no surprise since men typically have sexual urges more often and need women to fulfil such urges. It is not so similar the other way around.
When it comes to casual sex, be it in casual relationships, men can enjoy it with almost any woman as long as he is attracted to her. Men respond more eagerly to invitations for casual sex, be it personally proposed or posted on online sex personals websites. For women though, it is a little bit more complicated. Women can find good legit sites by reading their reviews. And, these sex dating site reviews can help them find genuine sex personals.

Think men are the only ones who want to have casual sex outside a relationship?

“Women also look out for something casual”

“Women also look out for something casual”

The basic stereotype in society includes the different views regarding the sexuality and sexual behaviour between men and women. There are certain behaviours that are considered “the norm”. Those actions deemed not to fit in the so-called norm are either considered abnormal, perverted or perhaps mentally dysfunctional. That is why oftentimes a woman who enjoys casual sex is thought of as “having sex like a man” or that she is a “nymphomaniac”. This stigma associated with engaging in casual sex for women partly explains their reluctance to accept offers for casual sex. Women who don’t act like the typical “nice girls” who only have sex in the context of committed relationships get pegged as having sex “like a man”. Women in general are perceived more negatively than men for accepting offers for casual sex.
But if you take away this stereotypical view and stigma, it turns out that women actually have and enjoy casual sex too. This fact has been supported by two separate studies conducted by two different women: Jocelyn Wentland, a Masters Student in the Department of Family Relations and Human Development at Guelph University, and Terri Conley, a Social Psychology student at the University of Michigan.

These are the results of the first study:

“Women get what they want and they are confident about it”

“Women get what they want and they are confident about it”

To the observation of Wentland, it is quite unfortunate that most research on women and sex seems to focus on the “sexual dysfunction” category. There is little research and information on women who actually like sex. So she did her own study.
Her study came up with surprising results regarding casual sex and women. There is a constant belief that any kind of casual relationship that women have must involve a one-night stand only. But based on the study, of the women who were casually dating and did not identify their last sex partner as a committed partner, about 32 per cent have a regular casual sex partner, around 42 per cent have a “sex buddy” or “friend with benefits”, 9 per cent have a “booty call”, and 17 per cent have had a “one-night stand”. It is obvious that women already engage in a variety of casual relationships, often with a regular partner. Perhaps women are finally admitting that they do what has only been acceptable for men to do in the past.
The study also debunked the myth that considers women who have a lot of sex partners as automatically presumed to having “low social skills” and “low self-esteem”; that these women need a lot of men to validate their “woman-ness”, femininity or sexuality. Rather, the women who were very confident and sure of themselves and who have high social skills are the ones capable of engaging in sex outside a relationship and be perfectly okay with it. This is because they are able to separate the emotions from the sexual act itself.
While the results show a strong picture of sexually confident women who know what they want and are comfortable with their sexuality, the findings may not necessarily reflect that of an average woman. But that is the point. These confident women are daring enough to challenge the stereotypical view of the female gender.

These are the results of the second study:

“Women want it more than men do”

“Women want it more than men do”

According to the results of the study conducted by Conley, if the stigma is removed from accepting casual sex offers and the experience involves a “great lover”, then women like casual sex as much as men. The gender differences between male and female diminish and evaporate when these two factors are added to the equation.
In situations involving strangers, women were less likely to accept hypothetical casual sex offers from opposite-sex strangers than men were. When recalling a real-life casual sex experience with a close friend, both men and women who participated in the study said that they accepted the offers if they thought the person had high sexual capabilities. When further considering sexual offers from attractive persons or unattractive famous individuals, the gender differences vanish: both men and women prefer the more attractive individual.
When comparing both genders, women accepted lesser casual sex offers from men than vice versa because the men who proposed the experience were perceived to have relatively poorer sexual capabilities. This finding supports the “pleasure theory” rather than the more well-known and accepted “evolutionary theory”.
The evolutionary theory says that it’s the driving impulse of men to spread their seed as widely as possible while women need to choose men who are likely to stick around and provide support during the child-rearing years. Men can just select any woman who they deem attractive while women choose those men whose supporting capabilities are greater, regardless of attractiveness.
The pleasure theory, on the other hand, says that both men and women choose their sexual partners based on the perceived pleasure benefit they could derive. Accordingly, if there is enough pleasure for both genders, there will be enough sexual intercourse to propagate the species. The results of Conley’s study give more light to this theory than the other.

These are the generalizations from both studies:

We can surmise the following:
1.) Both men and women think about sex, but men tend to think more about it (plus other physical needs such as food and sleep).
2.) Women get more casual sex offers from men than the other way around.
3.) Men tend to accept more offers freely while women are choosier.
4.) When it comes to attractiveness, men and women do not have gender-specific preferences for the qualities of their partners.
Even in the online scenario, men post more sex personals in casual dating websites and women reply to only a few. Perhaps women have the advantage of being choosier because they get more offers after all.
The bottom line is, women still have the upper hand when it comes to decisions on having casual sex even in relationships. Men just tend to jump on the boat. Women tend to be picky. With statistical data saying that women reach climax or orgasm only about 35 percent as often as men do in casual sex encounters, it’s no wonder they are choosy. Women’s estimations of the ability or willingness of the male partner to provide them with sexual pleasure seem to be fairly accurate.

So as a man, if you want to score more with women in casual sex encounters or casual sex relationships, it is therefore wise for you to be perceptively attractive (for starters). Be neat and well-dressed as needed. Include your best photo when posting sex personals online (one that accentuates your most attractive aspect). And when you do have casual sex encounters, make sure that you provide pleasure to your woman and not only derive it from her. There is a chance that when you are adept at doing this, it will show even with your looks.

Does A Laptop Fulfil Your Requirements Or A Tablet?

by Admin on November 1, 2013

Over decades, computer technology has emerged at the fastest rate when compared to others. Desktops, laptops, ultra books, and now tablets; they have made human beings slaves to technology. We can’t imagine a day without fiddling away our crucial time surfing the internet on our laptop or tablet. They have made music or video watching fun and enjoyable. We can read a novel or a book by simply touching the screen of our priced possession. Laptops and tablets have conquered the market for a long time. However, they are two sides of a coin. According to your requirements, there are several differences between the two, which are explained below:

a.) Do you really need a keyboard? – A regular writer or a manager composing emails for the client every other second will find the touch input system of a tablet very cumbersome. Tablets are designed to work in a delicate manner, which usually includes dragging, pointing, or navigating a program. It is not easy to type text at a fast speed. This is where laptops scores over the tablet by a great number. However, the keyboard requirement varies for every individual. If you don’t write too much, then probably, tablet is a better choice because of its sleek look and flexibility.

b.) Does your shoulder pain? – Laptops are heavy and large when compared to tablets, which are usually of the size of a piece of paper and weigh in the range of 500 to 800 grams. For this reason, it is not easy to carry a laptop if you travel a lot because of your business or personal reasons. On the other hand, tablets can even fit in your pocket. These days, there are numerous compact tablets available in the market that solves this problem to a great deal.

Laptop as well as a Tablet

Laptop as well as a Tablet

c.) How long do you work? – Laptops are equipped with complex hardware that requires a considerable amount of power to function properly. Due to these high power requirements, a laptop usually runs for around three hours on an average, without charging. On the other hand, tablets are designed to be more power efficient. Their hardware is created in such a way that makes them run for at least ten hours at a stretch. You can use a tablet throughout the day without worrying about its battery. This is where tablets are better than laptops.

Tablet Users

Tablet Users

d.) Are you a gaming freak? – Gaming is fun when your device is able to store heavy data in its storage unit. Laptops provide you this option. At the same time, you can make the best use of all the configurations and graphics for a real-time, enjoyable experience. Tablets usually come with a storage capacity of 32 or 64 gigabytes. This is not sufficient to store excess data in the form of games. However, tablets come with an option of enjoying games designed for the installed operating system. Those games are usually addictive, but they don’t provide the thrill of playing games such as God of War, Counter Strike, or Fifa. So, you have to finalize your priorities before deciding to purchase a tablet or a laptop.

3 Ways To Break A Relationship The Right Way

by Admin on October 24, 2013

Yes, breaking up with someone is never easy. There are many factors that you have to consider over and over again before you decide on severing a relationship for good. And you can say there is no proper way for it as it the end, you will have to hurt someone, one person the least. This is more so if you want to get out in a relationship you are in for a very long time that your both side of the family have established such a close connection as well. Now, just how are you going to break the news that you want to quit it, to be free?

Yes, this is a dilemma. But you see, if you feel suffocated already and if you are truly unhappy, then you have to let go; the sooner, the better. Here are 3 important things you need to do when you decide to break it up to someone you have been with for a long time.

1. Tell the reasons why face to face. If you have to write a script for it and bring some guidelines with you written on a card, then do it. You just have to man up and tell why you want to get out of the relationship. Don’t leave anything unturned. Be firm and clear about it too. You have to say it loud and clear, without being rude, that you want to be set free; that the relationship is not going anywhere; that you want to move on independently. Be honest as well. Don’t say “it’s not you, it’s me” kind of line when you don’t believe it so just to make the other fell better. Be honest, be gentle and be firm – the first basic rule of breaking up.

Every individual has his share of successful or failed relationships. Relationship breakups have become very common these days

Every individual has his share of successful or failed relationships. Relationship breakups have become very common these days

2. Make it brief. Don’t tarry too long in saying your piece. Give enough time to say what you have to say and bear all the reactions. Stay quiet and listen to what your soon-to-be-ex have to say. Don’t look at your watch or act as though you want to have it over and done with. While you want to keep the confrontation brief, you have to go through the “after-you-said-your-piece” moment. In the end, when the silence start to come, just stand up and say you’re sorry and say good bye. That is why it helps to choose a place where you can do your exit quickly – the second basic rule of breaking up.

Ways To End Relationships

Ways To End Relationships

3. Practice the “6-month-rule”. Once you have said it, you have to avoid seeing each other for whatever reason unless unavoidable. You have to give each other time to move. Just because you have broke it up does not mean you can move on quickly too. You will need an alone time to take a grip of your new status. So do the six-month-rule to the dot – the third and most important rule of breaking up.

How to Put Action into Your Kids’ Life

by Admin on October 16, 2013

The 21st century has been technologically fast improving that made lives easier to manage. We wanted everything instant. With a push of a button, remote control has been a necessity, being able to do several things at the same time without the need to physically change the channel while doing the laundry and while cooking. The click of the mouse and the finger point and slide, have been tools to create and access information, at the same time, have fun, without having to leave one’s place. People have been wrapped up in high technological advancement that moving has been limited to one’s fingers. Little do people realize that such behavior creates orphans sooner than later.

Start as early as possible…

You may have been in the trap for quite too long but it does not mean you cannot change. It takes a good habit to replace a bad one and it is always better to start as early as possible. That means your kids should be learning the good habit as well. Most parents are excited to brag that their kids can use the computer even at age 2. The idea may be nice to some extent but never make the computer as the kid’s nanny, like what most have done to television in the late 20th century. Just like good habits, bad habits can be learned quite early, and if let alone, can be damaging for the rest of one’s life.

Help Your Kids Put Faith into Action

Help Your Kids Put Faith into Action

Be an example…

Children emulate what parents do rather than follow what they say. If you are going to preach to your children, do so by example. Telling them to exercise or play outside will not be effective if they see parents playing on a computer game they also want to play with.

Play with them…

While they were babies, parents play with their children more often than they should. How come when the children needed more playtime as they grow older, the parents no longer play with them? Playing with them is not only fun but it enhances the relationship with each other. Kids have a few years only until they become adults themselves. Cherish that short moment as much as possible.

Surefire Ways To Emotionally Screw Up Your Kids

Surefire Ways To Emotionally Screw Up Your Kids

Choose active games and sports…

Playing with them using a computer does not count because you will merely defeat the purpose, unless it is a body movement game like “Dance, Dance, Revolution!” where you step on arrows according to the beat and instruction reflected on the screen. You can have a score challenge always ready for breaking. Walking to the park or playing “Tag, You’re It” can also do the trick, among others.

Think activity…

Children love to do certain activities but feel lazy when they feel they are being nudged or pushed to do rigid exercise. While the reason for giving them an active lifestyle is so their bodies will have enough exercise, they enjoy more knowing they are merely playing.

Reward them…

Instead of punishing them by limiting their television or computer time, reward them instead with such, commensurate to the time they spent actively playing. It would encourage them to play more actively to gain computer time. You have to set a maximum limit, though, for other things to do for the whole day.

Top 3 Rules For Investing In Technology Stocks

by Admin on October 8, 2013

Looking for the top 3 rules for investing in technology stocks? Then you can rest assured you are reading the right article. Seeing as how technology is the life line for most people, there is no reason why you shouldn’t want to profit from it.

Anyway, before we go into the rules that govern investments in technology stocks, you should be able to use any knowledge you have on technology to make your mark in the stock market. However, this should be done after careful research. Investing in this industry means that you will risk your money. Therefore, do your homework well and use the following tricks:

1. Start Small

If you are new to investing, start small. This will minimize your risks and help you learn as you proceed with the investments. If you have valuable insights, you can make a profit from them once you know as much as there is to know. This is safer than risking your hard- earned money before you get a chance to educate yourself.

Therefore, ensure you start with free investment tutorials and learn all you can about trading in technology stocks before you start investing. Then, get all the information you can about the subject.

Investing in such stocks means that you have to compete with full- time money managers with lots of resources and large research staffs. Do not treat it casually. Instead, combine in- depth research with any knowledge of technology you have. This will better your chances of making a profit.

Rules For Investing In A Biotech Stock

Rules For Investing In A Biotech Stock

2. Read Financials and Annual Reports

People never invest in products- they invest in companies. Technical knowledge on the products isn’t enough for profitable investments. All publicly- held companies file annual reports which contain certain crucial info such as finances, stock risks and competitive threats. Therefore, you should peruse through these fantastic sources of info.

Where possible, analyze the financials of the tech company you wish to invest in. Ensure you understand the financial statistics and what they mean for your investment. Review the income statement, cash flow, balance sheet among others.

Investing errors come in all shapes and sizes. Some mistakes are timeless, such as not investing at all, while others are specific to events and circumstances

Investing errors come in all shapes and sizes. Some mistakes are timeless, such as not investing at all, while others are specific to events and circumstances

3. The Larger Market is Important

Irrespective of the tech investment decision you make, in case the market takes a turn for the worse, your stock will also be affected. In fact, very few stocks can withstand a fully fledged decline in the market.

This means that you should consider the time horizon you have to invest in. Should the market collapse, determine whether you can wait until the market picks up again. Check whether your company will be able to survive any downturn.

Profitable investing in technology stocks means you will have to think about the larger picture. Consider the stock market as a whole and review the macro- economic factors. The secret will depend on your ability to follow your stock and map its movements according to the overall macro- economic conditions.

Finally, make the smartest investment decisions you can manage. Instead of investing based on the advice you get from acquaintances and co-workers, learn as much as you can about tech stocks. In the long run, you will be able to muster the top 3 rules for investing in technology stocks.

Tips To Become An Effective Team Manager

by Admin on October 1, 2013

There are more books out there than one can count on the subject of effective team management, yet the subject continues to draw attention. Even though this subject seems trivial, yet this is one of the most important subjects that a manager needs to be trained in. Many research studies have shown that a having a poor manager is one of the biggest reason for people leaving their jobs.

If you have reached this stage in your career where you need to manage a team, you need to start learning about how to be a effective team manager. Effective team management is nothing but understanding basic human psychology. Unfortunately, we are never taught this subject in the school. Thousands of conferences are organized each year on this subject.

The first thing a manager needs to understand is that the team members are human beings and not machines. They are going to make mistakes. It is your job as a manager to get the most out of your team. The productivity of a team is as much dependent on the manager as it is on the individual team members. Whether you have your own small business or you are a newly minted manager, you will find the below tips helpful in effectively managing your team.

Invest In Training

There are various kinds of capital expenses required in growing a business. The fact is that the highest return on investment is provided by the investment made on human resources. With the constant changes happening in today’s world, it is important for all the employees to learn new technology and be more productive. As a manager, it is your job from to train your team, to help them become more productive which in turn will help the team as a whole. Take your team to the local conferences and trade shows to keep them abreast of the changes happening in your industry. Such team activities also help the team in bonding or in other words such events are what changes a bunch of individuals working together into a team.

How good are you and your team at teamwork and team building?

How good are you and your team at teamwork and team building?

Have Goals

It is important to have clear and written goals for everyone in the team. Goals provide a clear vision to the team members and help them set their own targets. Having clear goals also exhorts the team members to contribute their best. A clear understanding of the end goal helps team members to contribute effectively towards achieving that goal. As a leader/manager, it is part of the job to effectively communicate the end goals to your team.Remember, effective goal management makes the job of team management much easier.

Effective Delegation

Effective Delegation has always been a tricky subject. Some of the managers find it difficult to delegate. A manager needs to appreciate and understand that effective delegation not only brings down the stress levels of a manager but also help in improving the team. It also helps in training and identifying future leaders. Delegation does not mean giving people responsibilities and expect them to complete their work. Effective delegation means helping the team members achieve the goals given to them in an efficient manner. Delegation also helps team members understand and appreciate the manager’s vision for the team.

Tips on How Your Small Business Can Effectively Manage a Virtual Team

Tips on How Your Small Business Can Effectively Manage a Virtual Team

One can write lengthy essays on the subject of effective team management, the truth is that there is no magic key to become an effective manager. Be transparent, be honest, share the rewards and you will be a highly effective manager.